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Prenatal Home Visit


This 60-90 minute consultation will prepare you for the arrival of your new baby/ies by providing you with education and specific attention to your unique needs and goals. We will work together to create an informed and intentional plan. Support people are welcome!

What you can expect during this visit:

  • Education on the basics of lactation, breastfeeding or chestfeeding, and common challenges

  • Education on the impact of birthing practices on the breastfeeding or chestfeeding process

  • Strategies for optimal feeding outcomes in the early days postpartum

  • Education on latching, positioning, early feeding behaviors, and expression

  • Assessment of birthing parent’s health history as it relates to lactation

  • Exam of breasts or chest if indicated 

  • Addressing of any questions or special considerations

Postpartum Home Visit


This 90-120 minute visit is designed to address specific challenges and provide support towards achieving your feeding goals. We will work together on a personalized plan that fits best for you and your baby. Support people are welcome!

What you can expect during this visit:

  • Addressing challenges and questions

  • Assessment of health history of the baby and lactating parent

  • Education on feeding behaviors and development as they impact the feeding relationship

  • Weight check of the baby as well as a weighted feed to determine volume of milk transferred

  • Observation and assessment of a breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or bottle feeding session

  • Exam of the breasts or chest, as well as the baby’s oral anatomy and overall anatomy

  • Individualized feeding plan

  • Discussion of any relevant lactation related devices

  • Resources and referrals provided as needed

Follow Up Home Visit


During this 60-90 minute long visit we will assess how the feeding plan is working, make any necessary adjustments, and address any other challenges and questions you have. All aspects of the initial home visit are also included.

Virtual Consultation


There is a lot we can accomplish together during a virtual consultation!

  • In the postpartum period, our meeting will consist of the same components as a home visit, with the exception of the hands on exams and weight taking. 

  • Prenatally, we can do everything virtually that we would in person, with the exception of the exam. 

  • Virtual consultations are accessed through a secure, HIPAA-compliant zoom account and can be very convenient and effective.

Service Area

Service Areas

Serving families in Beverlywood, Beverly Hills, Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Pico-Robertson, La Brea, Fairfax, Carthay Square, , La Cienega Heights, Picfair Village, Mid-Wilshire, Culver City, Mar Vista, Venice, Ocean Park, Santa Monica, Westwood, Brentwood, Bel Air, Korea Town, Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, West Hollywood, Crenshaw, Ladera Heights, West L.A., Palms, Mid-City, Crescent Heights, Playa Vista, Century City, Inglewood, Reynier Village, West Adams, and more.

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