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Hi, I'm Jami! I’m passionate about creating a loving, non-judgmental environment for parents to access the support they need while doing the important work of feeding their babies. My role is to be an educator, advocate, supporter, and partner as we work together to discover the best path for you and your baby. 


Welcoming a new baby is an undeniably life-changing event that comes with highs, lows, and everything in between. Birthing parents and families are often unprepared for some of the challenges that can present themselves in the early days, weeks, and months postpartum. It is incredibly important to me that families receive help and encouragement that is tailored exactly to their particular needs. As we work together, your goals become my goals, and our efforts center around physical as well as emotional well-being for the dyad and family unit as a whole.

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My Story

I graduated with a B.F.A. from USC in 1999 and began working with children with autism in DIR (Developmental Individual-difference Relationship-based model) home programs in the capacity of supervisor and trainer. Implementing aspects of OT, PT, speech therapy, and play therapy through an engaged, relationship-centered lens allowed for a dynamic environment for children to thrive, while feeling seen and heard. 


Concurrently, I began creating theater and dance programs for typically developing children, as well as children with disabilities. My extensive arts background also led me to dance with numerous performing groups in Los Angeles, and teach classes to children and adults in my community.


In 2004, I began to work on my most challenging and rewarding project of all, motherhood. Three kids, and almost 9 cumulative years of breastfeeding later, my passion for all things baby and parenthood had only deepened. When a cervical spine injury forced me to drastically shift my dance teaching career, I realized that another path was waiting to be discovered. A friend who was working her way towards becoming an IBCLC serendipitously mentioned that lactation seemed like a perfect fit for me, and I immediately felt the pull of what would become my new career path. Reflecting on all of the joys and challenges I had experienced while feeding my own babies, I knew helping families through the ups and downs of the feeding journey was exactly what I wanted to do. I completed my education and clinical hours with the University of California, San Diego and began combining my learning, creativity and extensive personal experience into a family-centered lactation practice.

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