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Jami Carter, IBCLC

I’m here to provide compassionate, personalized care that fosters confidence and joy throughout the journey of feeding your baby. While lactation is a natural process, challenges may arise. These obstacles are best met with the loving care, creativity, and expertise of a skilled lactation professional. It is my mission to equip you with current  knowledge, while whole-heartedly sharing your unique goals. No two feeding journeys are exactly alike, and I am excited to partner with you as you discover what the journey looks like for you and your baby.

How can I support you?

  • prenatal breast/chestfeeding prep

  • latch issues

  • nipple and/or breast pain

  • engorgement

  • plugged ducts

  • low milk production

  • oversupply

  • multiples

  • inducing lactation and relactating

  • preterm feeding challenges

  • weaning

  • tandem nursing

  • nipple shield weaning

  • tongue-tie

  • back to work 

  • pumping

  • supplementing

  • breast, chest, or bottle refusal

  • poor weight gain

  • vasospasm

    And much, much more…

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